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Insurgency Benefits is co-founder of Take44, the company launching NextAgency

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The NextAgency Platform:

  • NextBroker: Sell more. Sell more easily. Featuring powerful agency management tools, quoting and enrollment support.
  • NextHR: Your clients easily manage HR and benefits with time and vacation tools, custom report generation, service provider libraries and more.
  • NextMarket: access to business building tools and services for brokers and their clients

The NextAgency Advantages

  • Breadth: agency management for brokers; HR and benefits administration for their clients
  • Pricing: simple straightforward pricing so brokers can give NextHR to their clients at no cost as an added service
  • Trust: brokers control the products their clients see and the marketing they receive
  • Confidence: HIPAA-compliant and encrypted data protects brokers and their clients’ information