Level Funded Self-Insured Programs

Safe and Simple Fixed-Cost Self-Funded Medical Coverage
Plus Refund Assisters


With Insurgency Benefits’ self-funded plans your clients can rely on experienced administration, reliable stop-loss coverage, sophisticated underwriting and unique Refund Assisters.



Each program offers virtually identical PPO and HSA-eligible plans. Each boasts broad and deep, name-brand national provider networks.


Composite rates and capped claims responsibility means clients enjoy level premiums. That means they can budget their medical coverage costs with confidence.

Self-Funded Plans

When claims are less than expected, your clients earn refunds. And unlike other programs, the Insurgency Benefit plans refund 100% of the claims expense savings.


PLUS: Refund Assisters

Anyone can offer claim refunds. The Protect Plans’ unique Refund Assisters help deliver them with customized cost-of-care pricing comparisons, financial rewards for improving and managing health, and expense reviews to help assure efficient and appropriate spending.


PLUS: Reference Based Pricing

Reference Based Pricing (RBP) arrangements deliver lower premiums. Providers are paid as percentage of a specified target (e.g., Medicare rates). Insurgency Benefit’s RBP plans include patient advocacy to minimize balance billing and educate patients and providers before claims are incurred. Both the Secure and the Defend Plans offer RBP options.

Multiple Programs Help You Find the Right Fit

No two clients are the same. By offering more than one level-premium self-funded program, Insurgency Benefits makes sure you can find the one that best suits each client.

The Protect Plans …

  • Provider Network: Aetna
  • No Reference Based Pricing Option
  • Administration: Meritain Health, an Aetna Company

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The Secure Plans …

  • Provider Network with Traditional PPOs: Cigna
  • Provider Network with RBP: PCHS PPO from MultiPlan.
  • Administration:Group Resources Inc.

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The Defend Plans …

  • Provider Network with Traditional PPOs: Cigna
  • No Network Required with RBP (reimbursement is negotiated)
  • Administration: Acuity Group

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